Wednesday, March 11, 2020

learning to like summer essays

learning to like summer essays How can personal experiences change a persons attitude? This question is answered through Lorraine Hansberrys On Summer. In this narrative, the main character and author, Lorraine, has a disfavorable impression of summer. However, through certain experiences, she realizes that it is a season to be greatly appreciated. Summer was a mistake, according to Lorraine. It was an utter overstatement that consisted of displeasurable things like grainy sand, cold waters, and the icky, perspiry feeling of bathing caps. Everything was always louder, sharper, hotter, and therefore, very uncomfortable. However, Lorraine did appreciate one thing about summer, and that was how on hot days, her family would go to the park and lay on the cool, sweet grass with a freshly-cut An experience that opened Lorraines mind to the joys of summer was when she went to visit her grandmother in Tennessee. During her drive, while passing Kentucky, she saw beautiful hills where her grandfather had hidden as a slave from his master. After reaching her grandmother and spending some time in the rural Tennessee, Lorraine begins to associate the good parts of summer with the natural beauty of the countryside. Soon, the fun summer is over and Lorraine must go back home to Chicago. Next summer, upon hearing that her grandmother has died, she realizes how special summer was because of the precious moments she was able to Another event in Lorraines life that aided in changing her opinion of summer was when she went up to a lodge in Maine. She encountered a remarkable woman who was stricken with cancer, but didnt let that cancer be a hindrance to her. The woman refused to accept cancer as tragedy and her face softened, loo ...

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